January 22, 2009


I am sure everyone has had a day that they would like to start over.  One of those days that things just don't go the way you had planned things to go.  Today was one of those days.  But this is the thing, although Jared and I are going through a very hard time financially (just like everyone else in the world) it makes me more grateful for the things that I do have and not be upset for the things that I don't have.  There are people in the world that are grieving over the loss of their baby, or people that are sitting beside their babies sleeping in a hospital bed, or people that have lost their husband or wife due to some horrible accident.  Not me, I have 3 healthy, wonderful boys who I love so very much.  I have a husband who comes home to me every day and is there for me through thick and thin and loves me no matter what.  And I have a family who would give up anything for me to help me get out of this situation.  Although life sucks sometimes... I LOVE MY LIFE!  I would not change lives with anyone.  And every night when I go to bed I don't pray for things that I don't have, I show my gratitude for the things Heavenly Father has given me.  Life is a gift and I am grateful my Father in Heaven has given me the life he has given me.  I love you all!  Thanks for being such great friends!


Stacy said...

I completely know what you mean! Realizing what really matters....and I don't think it's "realizing" it's knowing what really matters makes this other mess seem less important. There is only so much that we can do and sometimes it feels like it's just not enough.

I had an interview with President Nichols and he had asked how I was doing. I kind of laughed and said, "Well how much do you want to know?" We talked and he said "Is there anything that you have learned in these trials and I said, "Actually, I have learned that there are somethings that can be rebuilt but my family is not going to be one of them." I still have to remind myself to "let the stress go at times" but I'm mentally in a better place. I can laugh and play and love my kids and hold them tight to me.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We will get through this! Love you!

PS - I love your face page....your hearts!!! I just might have to copy it! :o)....Sorry for the novel!

Hansen Family said...

I can totally relate, but I do keep reminding myself: "I'M A LUCKY DOG"

The Driggs said...

Melissa, I just found your blog through Stacy's blog. Your boys are just so handsome and you have not changed one bit! This post really put things into perspective for me. I had a really stressful day and I told Cory the best part about it was when all the kids were buckled in their seats in the car...I had just buckled my boy Brock into his booster seat, and then I closed the door. For that one moment as I walked from the back righthand side of the car over to the driver side, all the kids were in the car, and it was silent. I had 10 seconds of peace!!! But your post helps me to re-think how important family is. (I already know how important family is...sometimes it just gets loud with lots of little ones!) We had our ups and downs with our baby Claire, and right now she is on one of her ups and for that I am so thankful for that. Life really is good. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful!


Tanner and Shasta said...

I love when I happen across blogs of people I know! I'm working on
a list with all the phonograms and the saying we say with them, I will get it to you as soon as it's done. Hope the summer is going well, tell Carsen I miss him and give him a big hug for me. I'm so so excited to have Cutter next year!